About us

Subsidiary of the French group ALTYOR, we are an industrial and manufacturing plant, based in Shanghai.
300 French and Chinese employees share the different functions such as design house, industrialization, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and commercial engineering.

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We manufacture in Shanghai

Our manufacturing strength is based in Shanghai with a French management. It is our history, our challenge and our culture!

Our production lines benefit from the approach that we are constantly looking for the efficiency you need.

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We accompany your innovative products!

Your concept, your prototype is the starting point. Then our electronic and mechanical R&D centres take over and will give you the best support to design your product, to guide you through the steps of industrialization.
We strive to meet your expected costs, lead-time, and quality of your market.

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We own our industrial equipment in China

We provide you with our own industrial tool! We are 100% owners and we manage the full value chain, the quality and the confidentiality of your projects.
We have a plastic injection workshop, a PCB production workshop, an Assembly workshop, and testing and packaging lines for your products.

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Enhance together your market

We are focused on innovative high value-added products.

We appreciate especially well-designed and qualitative products providing a clear story to the user.

We are oriented towards the IoT markets and new products for the Smart Home of tomorrow.

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Our customers are Smart!

Our customers are industrial groups, dynamic SMEs, innovative start-ups. They trust us because they find in TECHNOCHINA, an efficient industrial partner to manage their product while they manage their strategy and their markets.

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Technochina, your French industrial partner in China

Our production profiles :

Runs 500 to 500,000 a year on the following Markets:

  • IoT
  • Home automation and security
  • Fire safety
  • Consumer goods
  • Construction
  • Industrial products

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