About us

Technochina is a French industrial group located in China. The Technochina group was started in 2000 by two French engineers. It comprises two entities, Technochina France (the commercial, technical and administrative interface for customers) and Technochina Shanghai Co Ltd, the group's design and manufacturing force in China.

With Technochina you have the benefit of an R&D centre (mechanical and electronic development), a modern manufacturing plant in China and logistics platforms in France. You also have the assurance of a contact close at hand in France to answer your questions and manage all your requirements.

Technochina France

Technochina France is a French company (Limited company) which brings together sales engineering activities and technical expertise and manages logistics.

It is a local point of contact handling any needs expressed by our European customers…

We have several branches in regions throughout France.

Technochina Industries Shanghai Co Ltd

Technochina Industries is the industrial subsidiary of Technochina France. It is a French-funded business (100% owned by Technochina France), based in Shanghai. It comprises the Technochina group's production units in Shanghai – 3 sites / 10,000 sq. m. / 300 employees.

an effective manufacturing capability in China with a European industrial culture.

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