Our skills

Technochina your OEM manufacturing solution for the design and manufacture of finished products in China! An expert in design and plastic, metal and electronic multi-technology manufacturing.

Finished products

Technochina manufactures, assembles, inspects and packs for its customers, in its assembly unit, complex technical functions using a range of technologies with high value added and technical finished products. "custom" manufacturing services, sized to meet the constraints of every customer and its market.


Technochina Shanghai covers the entire industrial manufacturing process for electronic boards in its facilities, using SMT and conventional production lines. We have the ability to source components throughout the world on the best price and delivery terms.

Plastics technology

Technochina Shanghai has its own injection unit in China. Our customers have the benefit of a complete value chain for the manufacture of plastic parts, meeting specific strict requirement for aesthetics, technical nature (injection and moulding), mechanical characteristics and control.


Technochina Shanghai uses its own industrial resources and sub-contractors, to manufacture metal products and sub-assemblies and provide its customers with custom solutions. We seek to offer a complete range of manufacturing solutions for metal parts, meeting strict technical requirements.

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