Designing your future products

Technochina designs and develops for its customers, mechanical solutions, electronic solutions, mechatronic functions and complete products.

The features of our offer in design

Our expertise is based on three main areas: plastics technology, metalworking and electronics We have a comprehensive knowledge of the materials and processes specific to these areas. Together with the customer, our aim is to provide the best industrial response to the planned project, whether or not the customer is expert in the field.

Coming up with the right solution means designing a solution at the right price level for the market. Our staff are constantly involved in keeping costs at a level appropriate to the solution. Cost control is part of our thinking right from the design phase and is a factor that has to be managed, both for the project and its components (materials, process, conditioning, logistics, etc.).

Coming up with the right solution means designing one that is easy to manufacture. Achieving the right design is Technochina's responsibility: - anticipating future bulk production through design choices suited to the technology - creating conditions favourable to compliance with product quality requirements. - optimising costs and time to market

Linking a design capability to manufacturing resources illustrates Technochina's ever-present wish to provide an effective response to the need expressed by the customer.

  • Limit the number of people involved in the project
  • Facilitate an overall vision of the project (in particular timings and costs)
  • Consistently meeting all the customer's service

Requirements: marketing, sales, technical and logistics.

Innovation is one of the keys to the success of a product and we know how to achieve it. Technochina puts its experience and proven effective methodology in new product development at the disposal of its customers, to create aesthetic, functional and commercial value for the projects which it co-develops with its customers.

Design is one aspect of the service we provide in France. Our local presence allows us to fully understand the need expressed and ensure the responsiveness and cohesiveness of the technical and commercial solutions proposed.

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