OEM manufacturing is our core business

Technochina is a supplier of technical, industrial and consumer products. We manufacture technical sub-assemblies and finished products (assembled, tested, packed) for our customers.

The main issues for an industrial manufacturer:

  • Provide our customers with a complete industrial response for the need expressed
  • Supply the technology appropriate to the product to be manufactured
  • Guarantee the right level of quality and a lead time in line with market requirements



To this end, Technochina provides five levels or response:

Technochina manufactures on its own sites, operating via its industrial subsidiary in China, Technochina Shanghai Co Ltd.

Technochina quality controls products at all stages of manufacture and guarantees product confidentiality for its customers

Technochina's backbone is technical and industrial. It is made up of French and Chinese engineers, whose daily concern is to provide perfect control of our processes, methods and tools from design through to the final production run.

Technochina has a wide range of technologies at its disposal, available in its own facilities or via sub-contracting to qualified partners. And to assist our customers further in their innovation or cost reduction exercises, we have an active unit dedicated to the search for and qualification of new technologies and technical solutions.

Technochina is certified ISO9001: 2008. Putting the customer at the centre of our organisation is a fundamental principle of our structure, fully aware that quality is not simply a notion involving product inspection, wherever it is manufactured.

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